About Us


Our Story

We sat down together and pondered how we would like to be able to find all sorts of information related to entertainment, lifestyle, fashion and just about everything else on one platform. We hunted, but couldn’t find something that could cater to our wishlist; a place that could offer information on Bollywood, Hollywood, Pakistani industry, television, films, fashion, lifestyles, how to’s.

Oye Yeah does just about that. We give our audiences comprehensive information about what’s new in the industry, whose doing what, wearing what, what’s trending and everything they search for. We’re a group of fun individuals, with fresh mindsets, open to challenges, discussions and broadening of our horizons with your help!

We started on the 1st of February 2018, with a fresh vision to grow. And grown we have. Because we interact with our audience, we know for certain what they want and how we can best cater to their demands!

Our Approach

We’re motivated to digging up fresh, authentic news. Oye Yeah does not work on rumors! We have all sourced news because we believe in bringing our readers the best. We have a vision and we’re striving hard to achieve it day in, day out!

Our Team

Oye Yeah is an entertainment project powered by Alliancez Inc. Behind the scenes, we’re supported by some tech heads who love delving in technology and testing up everything new they can get their hands on.