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5 weird and creepy accounts on Instagram

As we all know, Instagram is the most used yet the most popular photo/video sharing social platform. You can find photos for anything that you want to see. Whether it is food, fashion, education, entertainment or anything that you like; you can look it up on Instagram and can find related photos and videos. It is also used by people to share their everyday life, their hobbies and practices. In short, there’s a lot of interesting stuff going on there. But there are some accounts on Instagram that are weirdly creepy and might be a little too disturbing for many people.


Well, the first one is weirder than creepy. This account is run by this girl who just stuffs her face in bread. Strange, right? And to make things seem different, she uses different types of breads to stuff her face on.
Another interesting thing is that this account has a massive following of 203k!


This account is just generally disturbing and I find it quite triggering. Although there are not many posts on this account, yet it still took me a while to decide which photo to share here which is a little less weird.


This account is simply a nightmare for those who suffer from ommetaphobia. Ommetaphobia is the condition in which the victim is extremely careful about there eyes. It is the fear of getting one’s eyes dirty or getting any foreign object close the their eyes. However, I just find it generally creepy. Please don’t visit the account if such things trigger you.


It is a dark, creepy and scary account run by a couple and they say that they get the idea of such pictures from their nightmares. Whenever they have nightmares, they wake up, note it down and later gives their nightmare this visual form. Seriously? If I saw something like this in my nightmares over and over again I might not even wake up one day, let alone recreate it in real life!
What makes it more scary is that the animals you see in their pictures are not stuffed toys, they are real animals which have been taxidermied (the preservation of dead creatures). Yes, the owners of this account are taxidermists and they collect taxidermied animals and use them in the recreation of their nightmares. *shivers*


The scariest, creepiest and the most triggering account of all time!
Nicole Angemi is a human dissector who says that she made this account for educational purposes. She shares photos of human cadavers, autopsies, injury cases and much more.  The posts in this account are too graphic that I couldn’t share any of the related photos here. Therefore, if you decide to visit the account, please make sure that you don’t get disturbed by blood, wounds or any of such graphic content.

Are there any other accounts that you find creepy or bizzare? Let us know in the comments!

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