A Day in Life of Bizhan Shaban

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a fitness influencer? What is their routine? Or how do they manage their social media presence? If yes, then today we will walk you through the life of Bizhan Shaban.


As one of the rapidly growing categories of influencer marketing, the competition is not only quite tough. But also takes a lot of effort and dedication.

Bizhan Shaban is an Afghan immigrant who now lives in New York City. He is a Pre-Medical student at the University of Buffalo, where he is doing well. Getting into pre-medical school, on the other hand, was no simple task. It took a lot of dedication and perseverance.

The now fitness influencer, worked hard even as a youngster to keep his weight under control and his physique in good shape. He became a well-known fitness model only because of his enthusiasm for health and fitness. He began, like everyone else, by studying and reading about exercise and diet all day. He gradually devoted himself solely to training. Even though the descent down the slope was not without its bumps. He realized he couldn’t afford to fail, so he kept going.

How He Became A Fitness Influencer:

Bizhan started using Instagram just a few years ago. He always had body concerns, including moderate eating disorders. In the first place, he never believed he could turn fitness into a job, let alone on Instagram. After a wake-up call, he started eating well and exercising regularly. By improving muscle tone and strength via food, he could stay slim, confident, and healthy. Additionally, he designed his own diet.

Bizhan Shaban

Once he posted a picture of himself and gained a large number of Instagram followers and post-interaction. That was when it all began for him. People were asking him about his diet, how he maintained his body, and style tips. He immediately realized this might be a thing, so he started posting more to build a following.

To this day, Bizhan has thousands of followers who admire his work and dedication.


Instagram is a great tool, but fitness influencers should be wary of corporate pitches. There are a lot of fakers and individuals seeking to make money above everything else. Do what feels good and leave them with confidence and determination to progress mentally and physically.

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