Bisma Khan Pakistan’s Self-Made Student Millionaire

People gain fame and success, often in proportion In today’s world. The origin of these is often family, friends, or rarely individual success. Bisma Khan, Pakistan’s youngest self-made millionaire falls into the third category. With immense pride, she shares her success story with fellow aspiring youngsters of her nation.

Khan was just 17 when her parents divorced. Although traumatized, she was well aware of the fact that she could either have the situation overcome to her happiness and keep her in grief, or she could stand up for herself. Her decision is well out there for everyone to see. The millionaire had already had small success on YouTube. She turned to it to divert her attention from the scars her personal life was emotionally giving her.

Eventually, she gathered 6000 rupees, loads of courage, had a life-changing idea in mind, and set out to break the stereotype in her nation. She bought herself the necessary ingredients to start her hair care line. With some experimenting and loads of effort, she perfected her recipe for her ‘Magic Hair Oil’. After going public, with hard work, her business started to bloat at a rapid pace. It grew phenomenally.

Acknowledging her success, she stayed competitive in business by introducing newer products to BK care. Her business currently has 4  products. After understanding all the wonders that she could achieve, she reinvested her revenue into her clothing brand known as BK drip, which sold out unexpectedly faster than anticipated by her.

After substantial monetary success, Bisma stayed humble and decided to give back to those in need in her country. To accomplish this, she made her own foundation which is widely known as the BK foundation. She has publicized that every single bottle of oil she sells will feed the poor in need. She earned enough in a short period of time to pay for her education in college, just as a 17-year old!

Eventually, with success on Youtube and in her Business, she came to be known more widely. As time passed, she became an Instagram influencer and today she inspires the exponentially growing youth of her nation.

Bisma also recently stepped into singing rap songs. As she came into this field, this YouTube turned entrepreneur explained that she had always been passionate about singing. Her first rap song gave her a positive response which encouraged her to sing more.

This is the Pakistani girl’s success story, who started from youtube, dealt with grief turned into a successful business Woman, and then into an influencer. The Millionaire broke many stereotypes In her journey and as simple as it may seem, she dealt with a lot emotionally to get to the point where she has reached today. She is an asset for her country and fellow citizens as she neither gave up on BK Foundation and nor did she neglect importance up to this day.


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