Creative Indoor Activities at Home During Covid-19

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Hello friends,
The lockdown season is upon us like a curse and we can’t do much in it, but don’t you worry cause here are some of the amazing fun indoor activities that one can do while staying at home safely, so let’s have some fun while fighting with Coronavirus!

  • Plant Some Trees

While we are surrounded by such a deadly virus, let’s contribute to the environment and make it green and healthy. In this lockdown season, you can plant different plants and bring colors to your garden.
So bring some seeds and start digging!

  • Start a Blog

If you can give words to your thoughts and express them wisely, or you can create magic just by the simplest of surroundings, you should start a blog, all it takes is time, effort, and dedication and surely we all have got plenty of it while staying at home.

  • Watch a Documentary

Start investing your time in watching the stuff that could help you grow and make you a better person. Start watching worthy documentaries and biographies, learn about how people fight and survive their battles, what keeps them going, and how one should stay motivated until the end. Invest in your self-growth in these lockdown days so that it could repay you later.

  • Start a small business

In this lockdown, people are looking for more homemade vendors and small businesses for the reason that they are more hygienic. If you have any skills, it is the right time to cash your talent.
Arrange a virtual House-party
You can have parties while keeping all the SOPs in mind. You can party hard by arranging an online meeting. You can have a good time with all the long lost friends from school and college days.

  • Read a Good Book

It’s time to read a book that has been on your store shelves for the past couple of months. Get influenced by the finest memoir, indulge in a book approved by the public figure, or escape for a few hours to a different world along with the desirable hot drink and blanket.

  • In-home Work-out

Replace your gym visit with an at-home work-out, with squats, burpees, and press-ups all achievable without equipment. Transform a spot at your home into a yoga space and stretch it out.
Transform into a better version of yourself both physically and mentally.

We hope that this list of ours will help add more fun and happiness to your experience of lockdown. For what it is, enjoy this odd time. We will look back on this experience as a wonderful time of togetherness, contentment, and love when this is over and life goes back to its usual manic quick pace.

the authorM Ayub