I don’t watch the IPL, where is my medal?

Social media is the bane of our lives. Who knows if it weren’t Zuckerberg’s for profit ignorance, we might not have the Donald as President. May be we would be a little less divided world or at least we wouldn’t be knowing about it. Social media has some become a medium for mob mentality. Us vs. them ideology is prevalent. Some has profited immensely from it, like Dennis Freedman. It’s easy right? A white man backing your product over your arch rival, can it get any better? Retweets, shares, and likes, the model is running successfully.

On the other hand, I am not slaves to my likes, retweets and shares. I am only a slave to the one.  My boss at my day job. So, I watch the IPL, whenever my electricity supply company allows me to. What am I supposed to do? Miss out an opportunity to see the likes of Virat Kohli and AB Delivers bat together? The Indian board is strong enough to demand for an international cricket free window for the IPL. The have the money to flex their muscles. So, with no other option available, how wrong is it to watch the IPL?

3 draws in Hockey, a medal in Weight Lifting and progression in Squad and Boxing

Apparently, it is wrong. Because on social media, it has kind of become a duty for hundreds of individual to inform us of their choice of not watching IPL. As if the IPL vs. PSL debate wasn’t already mindboggling enough, we have a new issue at hand. Not only that, there is perhaps some medal being offered to those who boycott it and announce it with zeal. And boy, do they want us to participate in that race. It’s hard for a lot of people to understand the concept of if you don’t like it, it doesn’t mean I won’t either.

In a country, where patriotism certificates are handed out every few days, not watching the IPL has suddenly become another stipulation in an already deeply contaminated list of demands. While, the country’s largest channel has been shut, including their sports channel, we are now forced to watch it either on an illegal online stream or on Indian channels. Only if the geniuses understood how modern day broadcasting works.

So, next time you feel that shouting out loud about your choice of not watching the IPL, think again. Have you been asked? Is it relevant? Are you at a funeral of common decency?

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