Everyday Beauty mistakes we all make and how to solve them?

Are not entirely sure about your make up routine? Not being able to achieve the perfect look you always desired? Is your makeup getting old? Here are everyday common beauty mistakes that you might be making and easy ways to master them. So hop on girls, you’re in for a beneficial ride:

1. Using the same old makeup for over months!
If you’re still holding onto your favorite foundation and eye shadow from a year ago, it might be time to consider an update, desperately! Just like moisturizers and sunscreen, your makeup products have an expiry date too. Most products usually last anywhere between six months to a year, however pay attention to products you use on your face and update them regularly to avoid any pimples or infections.
2. Trying to speed-dry your hair!

Remember, roughly drying your hair will cause them to get frizzy. So spend extra time in drying your hair.  First things first, squeeze out all the extra water and pat them dry, and well if you let them get dry naturally, that is the best. Also remember, if you’ll only condition your ends, your hair and scalp will become dry and prone to breakage.
3. Tying your ponytail in the same place everyday

This is a big NO! Tying your ponytail in the same place everyday can cause tension within your roots and weaken them overtime. Let your hair breathe and tie loose ponytails in different places or better yet just let them loose and look fabulous!
4. Always neglecting the neck!

if your skincare routine starts from your forehead and ends at your chin, chances are you’ll probably end up with a baby face on a turkey’s neck. Thus, make sure you cleanse and moisture below your chin and on your neck too, oh and dont forget the SPF too!
5. Clumpy Mascara!

Clumpy mascara can give you the dramatic look you might be looking for but if its looking less intentional and more messy, you might need to clean up those eyelashes a bit. Instead of wiggling your mascara brush on your eyelashes, swipe it smoothly across your lashes from root to tip. Once dry, use an eyebrow brush to separate and lengthen your lashes.

6. Where did that concealer go?

Did you take hours to get ready only to find out your concealer is no longer there on your face after a few hours? Yep, same. The fix is to invest in a long, lasting option, set with pressed/ translucent powder. After blending in your concealer, tab a bit of pressed powder onto it to make it last longer.
7. Those lip liner edges!

Does your lipstick wear off, leaving that ugly lip liner edge at the end? Well dont worry, just mask the liner by adding ‘staying power’ to your lipstick by filling your whole lip with the liner and then setting it with lipstick at the same time as your lipstick will adhere to the waxiness of the liner and last longer.
8. Neglecting those luscious brows!

Remember girls, it all comes down to your brows! They have power and are the quickest shortcut to a defined, framed face. Neglected, sparse eyebrows can be a total killer/ let down, so take out those brow pencils and get going! For a more natural look and blend, use brow gel. It adds color and sets your brows in place. If you want to add more color, try using a matte eye-shadow of your brow color and draw short hair-like lines with an angled brush to create volume and finally set it with some brow gel.

Keep these tips in mind girls! Dont make these common beauty mistakes again! :)

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