Check out Fahad Farooq’s biggest contribution to Vlogging

Through his exclusive content; Fahad has successfully set a milestone in vlogging.

Fahad Farooq's biggest contributionFahad Farooq's biggest contribution to Vlogging | OyeYeah News

To many, Fahad Farooq might be known for his entrepreneurship, his businessman persona, his YouTube channel, or the lifestyle and luxury he tends to show on his Instagram stories. But there is much more to Fahad that meets the eye and remains a mystery. He is a zealous content creator who twists his creativity into art. Fahad Farooq is called FADI by those around him.

He has always been a creative as well as a talented personality who found many platforms for his creativity. For example, Fahad has used his platform on social media to showcase him and his son doing kind gestures for the NYPD back in June 2020 that went viral. His video received a lot of praise when it went viral getting over 9 million views and over 155k shares within the first few days alone. This video even after receiving thousands of positive comments and having a few articles written about it was stopped by the 5th day when Facebook had silenced him putting his post on a Shadowban.

Nonetheless, Fahad had gained an army of loyal fans and followers and it was shortly noticed Fahad had removed many pictures down from the page that would have given him more attention than he was trying to receive pictures that were showing him hanging out with well-known personalities. The attention didn’t die down as his Instagram stories tend to show him enjoying the many pleasures of life and him dining at high-end restaurants like the Burj Al Arab. Pressured by his fans on Instagram to go beyond making stories and to instead make Vlogs he started a YouTube channel known as Vlogs by Fahad.

Fahad has now uploaded over 40 videos through his exclusive content; he has successfully set a milestone in vlogging. When you closely look at his videos there is an unquestionable simplicity to them that is quite entertaining. He makes the audience feel like they’re hanging out with him. He loves to film every aspect of his life and records what he sees from his eyes. An example is he tends to show off the beautiful scenery that can be seen in his most newly uploaded videos of him in Puerto Rico. In his recent videos, he showcases himself celebrating his birthday on what appears to be a catamaran boat, the foods he may be eating, views of the island, and some historic information about Puerto Rico.

Since first started his vlogging journey and rising in popularity, the vlogging style of Fahad Farooq has almost become a video genre unto itself. With his personality and style, he has already achieved video collaborations with other known vloggers. With his passion to make content and voice his interest and creativity, he had won many hearts with his contribution to vlogging. He definitely won’t be going anywhere or anytime soon.

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