Fantastic Pasta and Where to Find it – in Karachi

Never have I ever met a person who does not like pasta. Even if it does not prove whether Pakistanis have a taste of authentic Italian cuisine or not, pasta is something you just cannot deny. Can you?

No. You can’t.

However, not all pastas are the same. Some are justified according to the taste and some are not made rightly. And here comes the most difficult situation for every true pasta lover; where to get the best pasta from?

It depends what the best pasta for you is. Some people like it chewy, some like t soft. But in the end, all that matters is the taste, consistency and overall texture. Honestly, I am yet to find the best pasta that has the capability of taking me to Italy, but undoubtedly, we are doing really well with Alfredo pasta and its derivatives.

Here are some of my personal favorites in Karachi, and you might benefit from them in times of need.

Sizzlerz Cafe & Grill

My top favorites from Sizzlers are their fettuccine Alfredo pasta and Parmesan chicken pasta. I would say that the taste their Alfredo pasta has is nothing new or unique, but definitely is delicious. However, what I like about their Parmesan chicken pasta is that Parmesan cheese, basil leaves the rest of the herbs are mixed in the sauce that give it an extremely amazing taste. It is topped with Parmesan chicken, marinara and mozzarella cheese.

Creamy Alfredo pasta on a budget? Kaybees is what you need

Budget friendly, tasty and generous in quantity; what else does a foodie want? This delicious dish is all the you need to fulfill your pasta cravings. The succulent grilled chicken on top makes it even more worth it.

Classic Marinara – Pompei

If one wants to be familiar with the true taste of Italy, Pompei is certainly one of the best places for that. Why I like it is because their wide range of Italian pastas which is not just limited with Alfredo pasta or white sauce pasta. Marinara sauce is one of the main sauces of Italian cuisine, and this classic marinara pasta is exactly what you need to have a hint of Italian cuisine. Tomatoes, garlic, basil and oregano blended in a sauce and mixed with spaghetti; that’s one delicious dish right there!

Gamberetti pepe limone linguine – La mamma, Mövenpick Hotel

If you want to enjoy Italian food in a  high-end way, this is where you’d love to be. Italian fine dine…what could be better? the authentic combination of tomato, lemon, parmesan and peppers topped on linguine pasta and shrimps – that’s one authentic Italian dish you need to try.

Alfredo pasta – OTG Vintage

Budget friendly, delicious and full of flavors; Alfredo pasta from Vintage is liked by many in Karachi, and if you haven’t tried it, you need to ASAP!

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