Four Patriotic Acts We Should Commit to This Independence Day

Pakistan celebrates 74th independence day with full zeal and enthusiasm as the fireworks, flags and badges come into play. National songs to further elevate the spirits are also being played as for this one day we all come together ‘iss parcham k saye taley’.

But long gone are the days of chanting happy independence day on social media and now is the time for action to prove patriotism. Here’s a list of things you should commit yourself to, on this day.

Stop littering
Like literally just stop. A small tissue out of the car window or a little dump on the road may seem like a small bit to you but eventually, it turns into the heaps of garbage that we see in our country and that has become an uncontrollable menace. So right now, right away just stop littering.

Start obeying the laws
That one traffic signal you break thinking it does not matter does matter when the whole country starts acting against the laws. So next time you don’t want someone to break a law that harms you, you yourself start respecting the many laws this country has.

Look beyond individualism
Having a difference with someone doesn’t necessarily translate into them being wrong. Have different faiths and follow different ideologies, get inspired by people who are poles apart but vote commonly for those who support the agenda of Pakistan and not of any singular segment.

Be Pakistani Buy Pakistani
As cliched as it may sounds, now is the time to start supporting Pakistani brands that are working really hard to compete with the international giants. You may find a bit of quality difference but try and help locals improve and over time create a market.

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