Success Story of Haris Baloch, Youngest Entrepreneur from Forgotten Province Balochistan

“Age is just a number” is something that we all have heard a lot but 16 years old boy Haris Baloch has shown this to the world with his immense success. Now he is the youngest entrepreneur but his struggle started when he was mere 13 years old boy. He started his struggle very early in his life and that struggle and consistency in it are what that brought him to this stage of life.
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Haris Bloch has always have had the passion of business and innovation and that is what led him to take such a step in life. He moved to Quetta when he was very young and did so, mainly to take practical steps towards his goal. Haris Baloch just like everyone on the path to success has one through failures as well. But even those hurdles never stopped him from persistence that he has shown so far.

Baloch’s story can be explained in a small amount of time but it took him 3 years to make his business stable. He had to face many difficulties as well. According to him after his second venture failure, he blamed his team quite a bit but later realized it is his role as a leader to lead them. This led him to increase communication and motivate them. With a lot of effort at such a young age, he is the youngest entrepreneur in Pakistan.

What inspired him to do so? The reason why Haris Baloch never diverted from his path as he desires to be independent. He from a very young age desired to be financially independent. He wanted to provide better for his family and that is what led him all the way from Kharan to Quetta.

He took his start in digital marketing by watching videos on YouTube and now he owns a company which certainly has made a name for itself. Failures are how you learn and that has taught Baloch a lot and following are some of the things that he has learned so far.

What has he learned so far?

• According to him, it is important to have some boundaries while recruiting people for your new business. When you hire someone based on your personal relation to them some of them feel entitled. This way it becomes difficult to separate your personal and professional life.
• Another thing that he himself has learned and wants to teach the people following this footstep is to understand the importance of contracts., Having the written contracts and understanding of other legalities is very important so that you can always have a backup plan.
• Keeping your mind open is another important thing that he wants to teach others. According to him, it is important to think outside the box. It is important to implement your plans instead of just thinking about them. If you think you can achieve something you must definitely keep trying for it because experiencing failure at first is normal.
• Consistency is very important too according to him. Most people just give up on their plan after seeing the first hindrance and that way they never get to see themselves succeed.
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What is the Baloch’s advice to upcoming social media pages? Baloch has not only shared his success story but also is motivating other upcoming people.

Following are some pieces of advice that he wants to give to new people who run social media pages.
• Ask yourself what will push someone to follow your page or social media website.
• Make sure to make investments in the quality content. Even though it takes time and effort but make quality your priority. This is what will make you stand out among the other social media pages.
• Consistency is very important as well. Once you stop being consistent you are easily forgotten.
• Interaction with the audience is very important as well. You can also experiment a few things that can push towards the interactive sessions

Conclusion so by far, we have learned that giving up should never be an option when you are determined to achieve your goals. If someone as young as Haris Baloch can understand such a trivial thing we can too and it for sure will help us achieve our goals in life.

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