How Abdullah Asim Succeeded in Establishing Coboot Media – a Digital Marketing Agency

Many businesses run on a simple model; money, invest, produce, market, revenue, and repeat. But the point is that lots of companies are crushing it already so how can a solo-newbie enter the marathon?

The simple most answer to this question is that a new business must add value to the lives of consumers. The roots of a business must not rely merely upon money. When it comes to creating and nurturing a strong new business, it demands more than money.

How to make a new business thrive?

Let’s put it in this way, your competitors have more money than you (consider brands like Miniso, J., Logo, to name a few). How can you compete with them on the basis of money? NO WAY, as a startup you can’t.

Tables turned, let’s see what options are left after ducking money down. Adding value, personalized experiences (for each customer), and caring Customer Support to express that you really CARE! This is where you as a startup come in.

Abdullah Asim – Coboot Media

Following the very model, a young Pakistani Entrepreneur Abdullah Asim was successful in creating a media company – Cobooot Media. He started with his personal brand and gradually evolved. Finally, he was able to create a digital marketing agency with a motivated team of experts.

Let’s see what does he has to say about his business model and find out his secret sauce of success!

Q: What does Coboot Media actually do?

Coboot Media is a multi-dimensional company that is customer-oriented. We cover Branding, Developing, Designing, and Social Media Marketing services for our clients. Our clients include brands & small businesses plus Celebrities as well.

I personally handle the Social Media Marketing & Management part of the business.

Q: How was the journey throughout from a naive boy to a well-known entrepreneur?

It was not that smooth as it seems to be. Yet, no one posts his struggles on the web, we only post pizzas and stuff like that, haha. Fun apart, I never acted as a cry-baby and always kept looking for the best! However, the major challenges I had to face were these ones.

1: Firstly, I had no support from my family. Not because they are ‘bad’ people or something. But they didn’t know much about the internet and its earning potential.

2: Secondly, I had problems finding a stable internet connection. Don’t laugh! Things were not good when you are the very first in locality doing it.

3: Last but not the least, I had to face many scams in the internet industry. Yes, some people out there are trying to earn via shortcuts. They don’t find it unethical to take someone’s money & vanish!

Q: What is your secret sauce of success? Can you mention the top ingredients, please!

Haha, actually there is no secret to success. But there is a ‘sauce’, if you want the top ingredients, I’ll mention what has worked for me. (Although they are not secrets, everybody knows it BUT very few WORK for it).

1: Determination
I was determined to DO this. I knew where was I going. I trusted the gut, instinct, intuition, however you define it.

2: Passion
I had a hell of enthusiasm for working and make a living out of social media. Social media is my second wife, my better quarter, my darling, haha.

3: Pain
The most important one for me is PAIN. Until you feel like its okay, you are not going to break your comfort zone, and until you get out of your cozy shell, nothing is gonna work for you. So Get out, Stay Hungry and keep Hustling!

Q: Did you get moral or financial support from your family & friends?

Ah, sad to say but NO, I had nothing from my fnf in the beginning. My parents considered this a temporary bubble that would pop someday out. Similarly, my friends made fun of me because they didn’t understand what I was doing.

Fortunately, this was only for the beginning. Once I started earning some handsome amount, all the doubts & laughter vanished. The same people would come to me and ask me to mentor them!

Q: It’s an old idea that whenever you are blessed, you should distribute blessings around. So what are you doing to make it a better world?

Yes, I’m a firm believer in this maxim. I believe in distributing value among the people around me. For this purpose, I have been a member of Freelancepur, an institute who helps newbies learn the internet stuff.

Moreover, I’ve also formed a Facebook community where I share my expertise with the youth to help them build their careers as freelancers.

Q: Is Coboot Media your first attempt? Were you lucky enough to make your first venture successful?

NO. A big NO! I have attempted so many times. I started running many businesses. But they failed. I ended up losing a good amount of capital and many friends as well. I had to face scams by the people who were most trusted for me.

But I didn’t lose hope and kept struggling & struggling. Finally, Coboot Media was my first success!

On Hope – Final Words

Let’s roll the discussion up. Share one of your favorite quotes with us.

“Hope is an exceptional trait. Probably the best of attributes and you must not let it die.”
Would you like to become the next Abdullah Asim?
I can hear, “Hell Yeah!”.
Now you know all that it takes to become one, let’s start your journey.
The sky is the limit!

Saman Siddiqui

Saman Siddiqui, A freelance journalist with a Master’s Degree in Mass Communication and MS in Peace and Conflict Studies. Associated with the media industry since 2006. Experience in various capacities including Program Host, Researcher, News Producer, Documentary Making, Voice Over, Content Writing Copy Editing, and Blogging, and currently associated with OyeYeah since 2018, working as an Editor.

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