How Pakistani People Spending Free Time on the Internet

The internet has made it so that Pakistanis are able to overcome the challenges of Covid-19 and here are the five popular ways they are using their time online.

Where Do Most Pakistanis Spend Their Free Time Online?

The year 2020 has forced tens of millions of people to spend more time online to find ways to pass the time hence why most online platforms have seen a massive surge in new users and overall traffic.

With imposed lockdowns forcing many to stay in their homes, many people have been aiming to create new hobbies, educate themselves, or straight up have some fun while waiting for everything to normalize.

This has been true in Pakistan as well, as many Pakistanis have been going online to find available activities to keep them entertained. While not everyone has the same interests, there are some areas of the Internet that Pakistanis have been drawn to more than others. Here are some of those areas.

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Watching Movies, TV Shows

The most common way that Pakistanis have been using their free time on the Internet is by streaming television shows and movies. Many streaming services have seen exponential growth over the last nine months, as users have been watching hours of their favorite television shows and movie selections.

Pakistanis have been taking full advantage of this as well. As one of the countries with the fastest growth in household internet installations, Pakistani people have flooded most websites that offer paid and free streaming services.

Playing Online Games

Pakistan is a predominantly Muslim nation, meaning that gambling is illegal. However, that does not mean that Pakistanis cannot gain access to play their favorite casino-style games. Thanks to Harry from, we learn that Pakistanis can easily find online blackjack, roulette, or poker in Pakistan. We’ve also learned that Pakistani traffic and interest in these websites have substantially grown the past couple of years thanks to having online access.

There are many of the leading online casino sites that are available to Pakistanis, as they are legal in countries in surrounding areas. That allows for access, and people are taking full advantage of this opportunity, especially during a time when they are forced to stay at home.

It should be noted that interest in these sites has gone way beyond simply playing the games. Many users were unaware of how to play games like blackjack but have been able to learn through the learning centers that many of these sites offer. Players, once they have registered, are able to access these teaching tools, learning how to properly play. Because of the small learning curve required to learn most games, it is becoming an extremely popular choice for Pakistanis.

Going Back to School

Another popular choice for Pakistanis is to take advantage of this time at home to start learning something new or to continue their education. During this time, the PSDF has provided numerous courses and programs to allow people in Pakistan to learn online. This has been a great way to help school-age children to still have the opportunity to learn while schools have been closed, and to give others a chance to go back to college to earn a degree.

Working through PSDF, Pakistan has been able to take advantage of one of the top online courses available. The vast majority of these courses are four months in length and have provided several courses related to computers and the Internet, including social media marketing, search engine optimization, and computer programming are available. Now users are able to learn how to code, build websites, or design great graphics because of this opportunity.

With people already spending a significant amount of time in front of their computers or handheld device, it has become the perfect opportunity for using this time in a more constructive way. Plus, PDSF is further incentivizing this opportunity by providing a stipend of PKR 6000 each time a student completes a course.

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How to Fix Things

As part of the education process, many Pakistanis are learning to perform home and automotive repairs, as well as learn how to do other projects around their home. They have taken this opportunity to become a do-it-yourself kind of person, where they can repair the dishwasher or change the oil in their car

There are numerous sites offering the opportunity to learn how to do home projects, and those in Pakistan are taking advantage of this opportunity. The best part about it is that many of these sites are available for free, showing detailed step-by-step instructions on how to perform these repairs and complete these projects without requiring the user to sign up or register for anything. They can just sit back, watch the video, and get to work.

Accessing Social Media

At the start of 2020, there were nearly 77 million people using the Internet in Pakistan. That was a 17% increase over January 2019, a sizable increase.

While the Internet has been used for a variety of reasons, one of the most common is the use of social media accounts. In January, there were 37 million Pakistanis using social media, an increase of 7% in just eight months.

Pakistanis are using social media for a variety of reasons. This includes communicating with friends and family, sharing thoughts and insights on life, as well as learning about what is going on in the world. It has also opened the door for many to meet new friends, join groups where members can discuss particular topics, and even encourage one another through this difficult time.

In a time where many psychologists and mental health professionals are concerned about isolation, the use of social media accounts has been a big factor in helping people to better deal with the challenges of the pandemic. Pakistanis appear to be taking full advantage of this opportunity.

They Can Have Fun Too

Not all of this time has to be spent learning or improving one’s self. There can also be the opportunity for fun, and the Internet provides a number of great multi-player games that Pakistanis have come to love.

They can join one of these games, creating a user account, then join a quest, build the city, or battle the forces of evil. The best part about many of these multi-player games is that they allow users to connect with friends and family to join them in their adventure. This has helped to greatly reduce feelings of isolation, as Pakistanis can play their favorite games while chatting with their friends and neighbors.

Making It Through a Tough Time

There is no doubt that Covid-19 has created a very difficult time for tens of millions of people. Fortunately, Pakistanis are finding ways to persevere through this challenge, and the Internet has been a great way for them to accomplish this. By partaking in these areas, they are becoming stronger than ever and finding joy even in a challenging time.

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