iPhone Users All Over Are Facing Problems In The New iPhone XS And iPhone XS Max

According to news iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max users are facing 2 major problems in their daily use. The first problem is #beautyGate. In this problem you can’t turnoff beauty mode in your camera. There is no option in the phone or in the software where anyone can turn it off. Beauty mode turn the facial features smooth making them similar to an oil painting. This is not how iPhone cameras work actually. iPhone’s Cameras are one of the best cameras in a smartphone with detailed picture extremely good HDR mode.

The other problem is #chargeGate. when you connect charger to your phones, they do not start charging unless you wake the device up. In some cases the phone does not support charging at all. But when the battery drains to 0% it will never charge the phone again (Some Claims).

The bottom line is that the iPhone XS and XS Max which are worth almost as 36 grams 24k Gold have problems which maybe cannot be done by software only. As of now apple hasn’t even replied to any of the customers facing this problem. Over 2 Million units were sold and mostly customers are facing it. I don’t get it why Apple is running away. They should have come forward and solved the issue. It is a TOO EXPENSIVE Device with a 0 customer care.

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