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Is being a ‘YouTuber’ actually a job?

Okay, if I am supposed to answer shortly, then yes. Being a YouTuber is actually a job. What comes after this is the why.

There are a lot of misconceptions in people’s minds about making lives through YouTube and being a YouTuber. Some say that when you have nothing to do, or when you cannot do anything, you become a YouTuber. Guys, it is actually not always true. It is actually difficult, very difficult. Well, becoming a YouTuber is not as hard as maintaining being one.

For becoming a nice YouTuber, all you need is a good camera, good lighting and a microphone along with some ideas and theme for your channel. You can start a music channel, a beauty channel, a simple life hacks channel, an educational channel. In fact, you can do whatever you like to do and show that on YouTube. But have you wondered how long can you put your ideas to work? Have you wondered what you’d do if you ran out of ideas? These are the things that make it difficult to maintaing being a YouTuber. And why being a YouTuber is an actual job is that there’s a lot with a Youtube video than it seems. What you see on your screens is not everything. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes.

There are thousands of famous YouTubers who are usually known as YouTube celebrities. They make content on different topics like music, humour, dance, art, entertainment, beauty, fashion etc. In fact, there are so many things that become trendy on YouTube like reaction videos, un-boxing videos, challenges videos, video game commentary videos and much more!

There are people who took working on YouTube seriously, and worked on it and became YouTube giants. So many examples can be taken, like Liza Koshy who is called a pun queen because of her witty puns and extreme humour in her videos.

Similarly Nikkie from nikkietutorials is another YouTube star who started her channel long time ago but has come a long way since then. Now, she is one of the most subscribed beauty gurus on YouTube and also won Shorty Award for being the best beauty guru on YouTube.

The thing is, one cannot simply judge what someone can do and what one can’t do. We see a YouTuber today that makes great content. But if he or she stops making quality content, they start losing subscribers. Why? Because viewers want to watch what interests them. This is why, working on YouTube actually takes a lot more than it seems. It requires one to be creative, updated, prompt and consistent in order to build their channel big enough to earn from it. In short, it really is a job that takes a lot of effort over time than anyone realizes.

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