How Kraken Ensured Exceptional Services To The Pakistani Nation

Krakens Collection is a major online retailer for toys, pins, and vinyl figures with their main focus on FunKi and FiGPiN. It is a retail business that isn’t afraid of communicating with its clientele. It is an American business that is currently expanding its services in Pakistan. It was founded on the belief that listening to the customers will give you an answer to everything you need to know to prosper.

Hence, Krakens ensured that they reach out to the maximum customers. It is exceptionally welcomed by the opportunities and incentives provided by the Pakistani government which has allowed Krakens to deliver its services in Pakistan.

Krakens collection processes 20,000 units per week but they believe they’re never too big to respond to comments on their social media platforms as they believe communication with customers can greatly stunt business growth. This allows them to have a very tight-knit relationship with both their clients and the industry. Hence, they have made sure to reach out to Pakistani customers to prosper and grow internationally.

Toys were the main basis of their motivation. Kraken believes collecting is what brings people together and in turn, is what fuels their business. Hence, they started a toy business because the majority at the Kraken collection is a collector of something.

pop animation FiGPiN

The biggest challenge is finding a niche because people are creatures of habit and without new offers, it’s hard to switch them over. However, Kraken had clear options to collaborate with Pakistan where they could attract more customers and eventually flourish. Kraken believes finding something that only their business provides will give their brand worth. Be it better prices, faster shipping, or a specific line of products. Consequently, the impetus and motivation provided by the Pakistani government have allowed Kraken to prove its exceptional quality amongst the Pakistani residents. Listening is the most important aspect of any business.

Listening to the needs of the community, to the failures of predecessors your customers will tell you exactly what they want. Keeping this in mind, they have always kept a close watch on what their clientele is demanding. They strongly believe success is making a new name for themselves in the industry as they are keen to solidify themselves as a household destination for toys and collectibles. Their strong belief has encouraged them to bring their name to the Pakistani market. Being able to overcome obstacles faster and more diligently with each occurrence is a true testament to Kraken’s success. Krakens collection is currently working on an array of exclusive products with a few smaller brands and hope to have work with some larger companies soon.

The company is planning future expansions which are allowing them to collaborate with Pakistan. The government incentives and opportunities provided in Pakistan are extremely amusing that encourage Krakens to expand and collaborate with Pakistan. Kraken has moved the door to door with Funko after leaving their operation from Miami Florida which has allowed them extreme success. Similarly, Kraken intends to expand into Pakistan after the government has assisted their business and has promised ease upon collaboration.

From marketing to website display, product branding, and the handling of customer service everything by Kraken has been as close to perfect as it can be.

Financial freedom to Krakens is being able to think and create without worrying about its effect on their quality of life. There are tons of companies who provide the same product but Kraken has promised to work with the community. Hence, it is believed that Kraken ensures to work with the Pakistani nation and provide them with exceptional services. More about Kraken can be found on its Instagram and Website.

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