Marketing and Aviation Expert, Shozab Raza Bokhari, explains how Pakistan’s aviation sector will be the leading industry in the upcoming 10 years

In recent years, the internet has aided many people in establishing profitable businesses. Who’d have guessed it would provide fantastic chances for individuals of all ages? One such teenager called Shozab Raza Bokhari decided to embark on his entrepreneurial path as a public relations manager, and he has excelled. Shozab learned everything he could about the e-commerce business strategy in order to start his own empire, Digital Baba Marketing Agency. He was well aware that it would be the future of the online industry, which the majority of individuals would attempt to enter.

Born on January 1st, 2002 in Islamabad, the Digital Influencer, as well as Aviation Expert has over 5 years of experience in his field. Aside from expanding his knowledge in the aviation field and providing powerful insights and opinions, he also broadened his information in the field of Marketing, where he is now in included in the field of social media marketing, dealing with powerful aspects such as digitalizing and advertising.

Shozab Raza Bokhari launched his e-commerce business in 2019, and his clientele includes celebrities, marketing firms, and Facebook ad experts in a kind of major way. He’s definitely strong networking abilities and understanding definitely enabled him to generally grasp all that generally is required for the success of any internet business, regardless of its size or industry, which particularly is fairly significant.

Knowing the struggles that one has to face to succeed, Shozab Raza Bokhari used all his time and energy in his pursuit of success, devotedly conquering the challenges and problems that he faced. He used to spend many nights studying his interests, using his free time to broaden his knowledge within both flying and the Internet. What brought him towards the Internet was him being enthralled by the thought, ingenuity, and strategy that went into the tale of Internet regulation that drew millions of viewers and users.

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Now with his extensive information and research, Shozab Raza actively supports Pakistan’s aviation sector, explaining that Pakistan’s aviation industry will be the leading aviation industry in the next 10 years. He elaborated his statement by explaining that Pakistan has five new upcoming airlines that will start their operations soon. One of them, “Alvir Air”, which is the most awaited one by the people, will continue its operations this year, which will add to Pakistan aviation sector being the best internationally. Other than Alvir Air, another upcoming aviation line, soon famously known as Fly Jinnah, is also about to start its operations within the country within a short period of time.

Shozab Raza has high hopes for Pakistan’s aviation sector, more particularly Pakistan International Airlines, proudly stating that Pakistan International Airlines has many pros that will lead towards its success, two of them including less travelling and more passengers, both of these adding and supporting each other on its way to success. The reason why Shozab Raza has such high hopes is that he believes that Pakistan has an amazing economic sector too, which will be the main reason of why the tourism sector will flourish. He believes that both of these sectors combined will pave a way for Pakistan to earn the most when it comes to fame internationally, and money to prepare itself for the future.

With Shozab’s grasp on the aviation sector, he gave five major issues that the aviation industry is facing after Covid, including, fees for tickets. On this part, he elaborated that, to stay viable and deal with significant daily cash burn rates, several airlines have had to borrow large sums of money. In 2020, the industry accrued more than $180 billion in debt, thanks to state-provided subsidies, credit lines, and bond issuances. Consequently, he stated, that to close this gap, airlines will undoubtedly raise their fares, and ticket costs will skyrocket.

Secondly, he stated that for a while, the aircraft market may be oversupplied. He explained that in the years leading up to COVID-19, airplane manufacturers increased output in expectation of ongoing demand. As a result, there is a surplus of airplanes available. Furthermore, several airlines, such as the Norwegian Air Shuttle, have returned relatively new aircraft to lessors after exiting the long-haul market. Used-aircraft leasing prices have dropped and are expected to continue to fall. In 2019, the monthly leasing charge for a Boeing 777-300ER aircraft from 2016 was roughly $1.2 million. The rate is expected to drop to less than $800,000 by 2020. New planes are said to be on the market at even lower prices.

Thirdly, he gave fuel prices as a major problem, explicating that one of the most important factors in the aviation sector is fuel. As worldwide fuel costs rise day by day, the aviation business is on the verge of collapsing, resulting in significant changes in ticket prices as well as the aviation industry’s personnel ratio.

Fourthly, he said that downsizing is an issue, stating that all of the world’s major airlines downsized their workforce and reduced their pay by 40 to 50 percent during the recession in order to keep their businesses afloat. There are fewer positions in the area now, and many highly skilled employees are accessible, but the main issue is that there is no career path for young people who want to work in aviation because of the huge number of highly qualified jobless aviation professionals.

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The last problem he elaborated on was Aviation and the Internet, explaining that it’s difficult to overestimate the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on airlines. Revenues for the industry are expected to reach $328 billion in 2020, up 40% from the previous year. That’s the same as it was in 2000 in nominal terms. The industry is predicted to be smaller, but digital media provides a method to completely eliminate the expense of marketing.

For the ticketing industry, we may make use of the most up-to-date technology. Mr. Shozab Raza Bokhari, the CEO of Digital Baba marketing agency, has promised to provide various innovative means of advertising to help build the airline industry at no cost.

Shozab very intricately described the problems being faced, and we are all enthralled and hopeful about his future, taking his journey as lessons and inspiration and hoping that he can reach his destination one day.

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