Mouth-watering Desi food! Bet it’ll make you hungry!

Pakistan is one proud nation where every city has its own variety of food that makes you crave like crazy. From creamy sip of sweet yet refreshing iced lassi in hot summer day to tangy, lip-smacking samosa chaat with shaam ki chai to grilled barbeque food in dinner. Perks of being a foodie can truly be experienced if you are living in Pakistan.

No wonder the irresistible aroma of golden roasted spices is the gateway to people’s heart especially in our diversified culture. Every one of us loves the traditional dishes that are incomplete without the topping of “Desi Tarka” with crispy onions that simply make us feel overwhelmed with joy.

Sharing food is one special way to express your love and to make people smile a little more. It’s a privilege to live amongst people who are fond of celebrating even the minute event with great enthusiasm. Be it a birthday party, traditional wedding, winning a competition or simply surprising people you love for no other reason than to make them happy with life savoring dishes.

Pakistanis are so good when it comes to hospitality. Fast food like burgers and pizzas have their own charm but being a traditional Pakistani we all in the end feel like “Kuch Desi Hojaaye” where spicy mutton karahi with tandoori garlic naan followed by Dahi ka Raita makes the perfect combo.

Just to spice up a little, you might have heard some people eat to live whereas in Pakistan you will have the pleasure to meet some Pakistanis who live to eat. :)

Here is the quick round-up of the most heartwarming, typical desi food delights loved by Pakistanis.

Finger-licking Cholay & Aaloo ki Tarkari with Crispy Hot Pooriyan & Parathas Followed by Sooji Ka Halwa & Doodh Patti Chai makes an Ideal Sunday Breakfast!

Pakistanis cannot imagine their Sunday’s without a nashta scene with Halwa Poori from their favorite food spot. Yes, even I cannot! Almost all food outlets where hot yet crispy paratha/poori breakfast served on Sunday mornings are on full swing. Some people plan to dine out with their family and friends whereas some prefer to eat in the comfort of their homes often in their pajamas! :) Some enthusiastically stand in long queues waiting for their turn to grab their share of perfect breakfast.

Well, Karahi is simply food to die for. Especially in Pakistan, every mother has their own special recipe of making it with their typical Ghar k Masalay that tastes heavenly and are far better than Packet ones. The aroma of roasted spices will make you want to take a bite for sure. The Dawat in traditional families is considered incomplete without having Karahi on their table.

Sindhi Briyani with topping of Lemon, Mint Leaves and Layer of Fried Onions! Mhmm, the Magical Food that makes us craves like crazy!

Briyani is the food that sparks in our mind first whenever anyone asks what to make for dinner or lunch. Isn’t it? It is famous all over Pakistan and considered to be the heart of every occasion. The mouth-watering taste of Chicken Briyani has no comparison with any other food. It is served with appetizing Salad and Raitaa that altogether makes it a perfect meal.

Champein, Tikka, Malai Boti, Reshmi Kabab and Never-ending list of Grilled Barbeque Items with Hot and Crispy Parathas and Green Chutni!

Be it a chicken spicy tikka, beef tikka, dhaagay walaa kabab, namkeen mutton tikka boti or even a delicious yet juicy fish tikka. Pakistanis can never say no to Barbecue. It has its own specialty and being desi we just love the sizzling spiciness of grilled barbecue items. On Eid-ul-Adha, barbecue items are simply the center of attraction for every family.

Chana Chaat with Papri, Khatay Meethay Gol Gappay, Bun Kabab with Hari Chutni makes our Evenings full of Excitement! Shaam ki Chai is often incomplete without these must-have Snacks!

Can you even think of driving past along Boat Basin, Burns Road or any other food street without grabbing one of these perfect snack items? To add cherry on top with shaam ki chai these items are must to eat as they will lighten your mood and make you feel happy. Even these items are perfect to enjoy with your friends and to make memories with them.

Nevertheless, the handpicked food items mentioned above are not the only ones worth trying. There is a never-ending list. However, I have just selected the ones I loved the most and cannot imagine my life without having them once in a while. If you are foodie like me then you can also share the items that you crave for in the comments below.

“Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness”

Auguste Escoffier

Author Bio: Amtul Rafay is a self-motivated individual currently pursuing MBA with specialization in Marketing. Skillfully utilizes the art of communicating with various audience to deliver thought-provoking messages with integrity and sophistication

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