The New Surf Excel Ad Will Tug At Your Heart

A distraught, broken family. Nobody on speaking terms. And little ones doing all in their might to diffuse tensions… Most of us have experienced these situations hands on. And that’s exactly why the new Surf Excel ad hits you right in the feels. It tugs at your heart, bringing tears and convincing you that it’s been enough.

And once the ad convinces you to take your own step and get closer to your loved ones, that’s where it succeeds.

Every Ramzan, Surf Excel comes up with a heartfelt message to do good while keeping its philosophy of “dirt is good” alive. The advertisement this year focuses on bringing families closer, a message that’s much needed in times like today, where relatives vow to stay away from each other over petty matters.

The video has crossed over 3M views on YouTube, deeming it an outright success. And why shouldn’t it be. When an advertisement connects with you on an emotional level, without actually bombarding the product in your face, this is where it wins. And won, the new Surf Excel ad for Ramzan has.

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