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OyeYeah Brings You Top 5 Pakistani Bridal Dress Designers!

Girls we all know that the bridal dress isn’t just any dress but them emblem of our tradition and well, honestly the 2nd most important thing to decide on before the wedding day approaches.  Therefore, it is indeed crucial to dig in deep and find the right designer to suit your taste and needs in order to bring you the best dress for your big day. We at Oyeyeah, bring you the Top 5 most revered Bridal Dress designers in Pakistan, so buckle up as we explore their works of wonder:

  1. SairaShakira – SairaShakira bridal collections channels a soft feminine energy with intricate details and embellishments that caters to the diversity of every bride’s unique taste for the perfect dress. Check out some of their dresses below:   
  2. Fahad Hussayn – Fahad Hussayn’s approach to bridal dresses can be seen as a splash of vibrant colors paired with traditional embroidery work and delicate pearls for a unique look for his brides. Take a look below: 
  3. Deepak Perwani – You’ve surely heard of the famous Deepak Parwani, a name that clearly needs no introduction. Although quite famous for changing the men’s fashion in Pakistan, Deepak Perwani is known to have made some of the breath-taking bridal dress that truly amze and enthral. See for yourself below: 
  4. Nomi Ansari – After graduating in Fashion in 2001, Nomi dedicated his life to become one of the most famous designers of the country. His work, in simple words, is described as the combination of colors to create magic: 
  5. HSY – Hassan Shehryar Yasin is undoubtedly one of the most establish fashion designers of the country. Started out as a bridal and formal wear, HSY works to blend eastern traditionalism with western modernism.                What do you think of these amazing dresses and their designers? let us know below!

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