Pure Tastebud Pleasure That Ala Rasi Offers!

Visit this newest eatery and your tastebuds will be thanking you later!


DISCLAIMER: You are advised that the following review contains graphic content that is bound to excite your taste buds and make your mouth watery to the extent that it could lead to an embarrassing moment for you if you’re reading this in front of the public.

We will start our little journey with the name of the restaurant, Ala Rasi. Ala Rasi is a Turkish phrase meaning “anything for you”. As cheesy as the name might sound, I’ll have to applaud the creativity put into the name and how the management of the restaurant lives up to the meaning of its name through its quick service and high quality, absolutely scrumptious dishes.

Having a name that is Turkish in origin, one might consider that the restaurant specializes in Turkish cuisine but that is not the case. Just like the Ottoman Empire brought the major Muslim countries of the world together in their time Ala Rasi brings together the cuisine of the major Muslim countries namely Turkey, Lebonan, Afghanistan and the Arabs, in one menu to feast on.

The ambiance of the two story restaurant gives a cultural Middle Eastern look where portraits with Arabic calligraphy can be seen hung on the walls. Also, in case if you don’t want to follow the western ways of sitting on chairs, the restaurant gives you the option of adopting the traditional and cultural way of enjoying your food i.e using the carpeted floor.

Now to the main point, does the food have the potential to light up those taste buds of yours? Here’s my experience:


The hummus had the perfect texture, brilliant presentation and of course, really good taste. With a lot of eateries offering hummus in their menu, the hummus presented by Ala Rasi showed the same authentic Arab taste that hummus should have. The hummus also had little chunks of meat in it which only enhanced the taste of the dish and made it even better. To top it all off, the dish was presented with an infinite number of complementary pita bread which was soft and made to perfection.


When you call for an Arabic cuisine and you specify your demand with the best chicken dish that the restaurant has to offer, Sheesh Touk is the dish that will be presented to you. The dish comprised of barbecued chicken pieces served with a side of French fries and a garlic sauce, placed on top of a large pita bread. The chicken turned out to be a little dry but the garlic sauce fixed that problem offering you a fusion that was absolutely mouth watering.



Probably the highlight of the whole experience, the juicy foot long kababs gave the authentic Lebanese taste with every bite that I took. These were served with a side of French fries and a special sauce, placed on top of a pita bread.


If you think a fire show is only limited to the circus then you clearly haven’t seen this dish being made. It starts with a fiery show and ends with a pot of flamed mutton ribs, embedded with rice and vegetables, the perfect dish to tantalize your taste buds. Surely a must try for the mutton lovers out there.

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