Berto Boligan: The Struggles, The Failures, and The Success To Becoming An Entrepreneur

How did a regular, low-class guy go from living a life of mediocrity to living a luxurious one? Roberto Boligan better known as “Berto” was born in Miami, Florida.


Berto turned the tables in his life by pushing his limits and doing extraordinary things. Raised by a single mother. While growing up, he didn’t have much at all. His mother used to work hard to meet his basic needs. She instilled in him the importance of belief, faith, strong work ethic, and persistence. These are all the things that contributed to his life’s success. His ultimate breakthrough was through faith and belief. To put it into words, he believed that there is no meaning of success in life if you can’t even share it.

The entrepreneur advises people to:

Make sure to always stay positive and look on the brighter side. Stay away from any sort of negativity in life. As it drains the energy.


Failures are a basic part of life. It is one of those things that makes you learn the hardest truth. And points you in the right direction to experience growth.

In a recent interview, he said;

“To this point of life, I’ve had some quite serious pitfalls and setbacks. Faced many challenges in life. From job loss to heartbreaking disappointments. But I never gave up. I think it’s only through failure that you will find out which direction not to go for.”


Today, Berto Boligan is an American entrepreneur at heart. He is a software developer, a tech-savvy professional, and a social media influencer. With only time, hard work, and dedication, he was able to own multiple software companies. Including proprietary software that helps to solve mortgage issues. A mobile application is also in development that will completely change how we use social media.

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