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Is Sara Bhatti throwing shade at Mikaal Zulfiqar?

Find out for yourself if its really the case


It seems like throwing shade or picking out each other on social media has become quite the norm these days. What happened to solving and talking about your problems to each other rather than announcing it to the whole world?

To be in a long lasting relationship is quite a miracle these days and when they end, they leave you heartbroken and in a mess. And well what do they say about exes? They always find their way back into your life somehow, be it a message saying ‘I miss you’ or just a random post about love. Honestly, relationships that end, will haunt you forever. And well, something similar just happened a few days back as Sara Bhatti, Mikaal Zulfiqar’s ex wife was claimed to be throwing shade at Mikaal. Is it really the case? Decide for your self:

Just a year after the divorce, Mikaal Zulfiqar’s ex wife seems to be living her life and doing great in her new drama Silsilay, However, we couldn’t help but notice that in her recent Instagram post there had been some sort of comment that might be hint at Mikaal Zulfiqar, check it out below:

Damn, did sheeeeee really go there? Well talking about her man getting stolen, call it a wild guess or whatever, but she might be talking about Mikaal here and well her savage self regrets the part where she didnt get to finish off those who stole her man.

Still not convinced? Well how about this?

Well you can read that right? Allow me, Sara Bhatti did not one bit hesitate to throw shade at again her man (Mikaal Zulfiqar) and well also mocked at those girls who tried to steal her man.

Sara Bhatti’s intention may or may not be to do so but she sure does bring to light some of the problems women often face due to the lies and false trust of some men. In another post she goes like:

It is indeed of great importance that you settle for the one who values and respects you and loves you for who you are.

This silent shade game started by Sara Bhatti may or may not be replied to, who knows? In the meanwhile let us know in the comments below what you think about Mikaal Zulfiqar? And if its him Sara is referring to, what do u make out of the issue?

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