Tesla Wireless Charger – Should You Buy It Or Not?

Tesla is very well known for its electric cars which are unique and absolutely amazing.

Just the name of Tesla makes the product hyped and the new Tesla Wireless Charger is no exception.

Wireless Charger retails on Tesla’s website along with many tech products cost 65$ (8,004 PKR). Its 6000mAh and 5W of output charging and wired charging method gives you 7.5W. Like WHAT! You can just get any charger with better output in half of the price. You can get Mi 2c Powerbank with 20,000mAh, Fast Charging 3.0 and two outputs for charging in 25$ (3,200 PKR). All these are  a good deal except the wireless charging method.

Just as it is with  Apple, everyone wants  Tesla written on their gadget which looks good on it but nobody buys the deal because of the specifications. Just let go of the wireless part and you can save almost 30% of your money and even get FAST CHARGING 3.0.

So What Do You Guys Think? Do You Still Wanna Get It ?

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