Top Feature Changes In Android P

Android P has been released now and PIE is the most stable android ever. Oreo lacked lots of features regarding security and privacy but this one seems more stable than ever.

We dug hours through P on our phones and features surpassed 50 items and we complied them up with a quick description, just for you. There are always changes that are more welcome than others so we’ve taken a look at the list of Android P features and decided on a list of five items that are so far our favorites.

Lockdown mode: The unexpected feature of Android P is the Lockdown Mode. In which it momentarily disables your fingerprint sensor and the smart unlock features, so that no one can force you to unlock your device with your fingers, face, voice, or other bio-metrics.

Idle apps can’t access microphone, camera, or sensors: Android P’s new limit on idle apps, prohibiting them from accessing the microphone, camera, or sensors. It makes a lot of sense, from a privacy perspective.

Inline photos and smart replies in messaging notifications: Android P is making messaging notifications even better than Nougat and Oreo. Not only will you be able to send a direct reply (which was added in Nougat), you’ll also have smart suggested answers similar to Google’s secret Reply app, for faster and more efficient replies.

Volume buttons change media volume by default: Android P makes media volume the default when clicking the volume buttons. I’ll use myself as an example: I change my phone’s ringer volume, oh, about never, but the media volume is frequently adjusted depending on my surroundings.

Locking the rotation to landscape: Android P is adding a neat 4th icon in the navigation bar to let you momentarily lock your display’s rotation to landscape. When the display rotation is locked (i.e. auto-rotate is toggled off), if you flip your phone sideways, you’ll see this 4th icon.

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