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Travelogues on YouTube that are worth subscribing to

These YouTube travel channels will trigger your inner wanderlust


Travelling is something no one can say no to. Even if you are an awfully introvert person and are offered a world tour, it’s going to be impossible for you to resist. Well, to intensify the wanderlust in you, you need to check out these inspiring yet interesting travel channels on YouTube. Trust me, you’ll end up subscribing to all of them!

Brendan van Son

Brendan is a professional travel photographer from Canada who shares with his viewers a deeper look in the life of a travel photographer. His vlogs are so captivating and beautifully filmed that you are definitely not going to get tired of watching them. He shares his gorgeously captured shots of the places you may long to be after watching them. He also shares different tips photography hacks for aspiring photographers and for those who’ve got wanderlust.

Eva Zu Beck

Eva is a Polish traveller who has been to 44 countries! She not only captures the beautiful places she visits, but also gives the viewers an in-depth scenario of that place, the people of that region and its culture. Such insights in her travelogues are what make her videos exciting to watch. Beautiful places, delicious food, detailed information about major festivities and cultural ethics are one significant part of her videos. She came to Pakistan for the first time few months ago and took the whole nation by storm for promoting tourism in Pakistan with all her heart.

Devon Supertramp

His videos are so amazingly shot and executed that they always look like a scene from an adventure film. He has a huge YouTube following because his channel has a lot to offer. It won’t be wrong to say that his channel contains one of the most aesthetically appealing videos of all time!

Expert Vagabond

This channel is run by Matthew Karsten who is an adventurous traveller and a photographer. Here, adventure means extremely intense adventure where he treks solo beyond Greenland and swims in South Africa with sharks (literally). This is one of the most motivational and interesting travelogues on YouTube where he not only shares his journey but also gives a little background story on the regions he visits a and shares interesting facts.

Gareth Leonard

With a massive following of over 130K subscribers, Gareth’s channel is one of the most interesting travel channels on YouTube. He travels around the world, but he not only portrays the beauty of the places he visits, but also focuses more on the locals, their culture, practices and everything that defines that region and the people of that region. Adventurous trips, exotic places, delicious food;his channel offers everything you’d want to watch!

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