Under 30 Entrepreneur Owns “Digital Genie Marketing” & Lives Larger than Life

Even though skills and capabilities to live larger than life seems promising. It is not so easy to get all you want in the perfect age, situation, and phase of life. We all have to make sure of certain elements to bring out the best and most rewarding results. For that, however, you have to make a certain strategic plan. Yes, the plan that has all the way outs of a reliable tomorrow.

Some of us tend to make plans and put in all the efforts to make the success point more desirable. With that, the focal point is always more challenging and whatnot! But what makes everything worthwhile? Well, that is what we are going to learn from the life of a successful Pakistani entrepreneur, Faizan Naeem.

Who is Faizan Naeem? 

Faizan, a man in his thirties hails from the suburbs of Pakistan. With his passion, resilience, hard work, and determination he maintained an outstanding life as a student. Since his parents were quite hardworking and had all the trust in their son, Faizan. He was given permission to pursue whatever he thinks is right. Despite being uneducated themselves, they let Faizan go on finding the true meaning of life and taking his passion as a profession.

This youngster, Faizan is a graduate of Computer Sciences. Well, the decision of taking this field as his career was mainly because of the love he had for computers. Today, he is the owner of Digital Genie Marketing, a digital marketing company that aims to provide 360-degree solutions to the digital world.

Faizan poses in one of the interviews

The Aim and Acquisition of “Digital Genie Marketing ”

As mentioned above, Faizan had been into digital marketing and computers in general. He wanted to take it to another level – own a digital marketing company. But before that, Faizan had to go through a series of challenges.

Let’s check out some of the hurdles he had to solve to accomplish milestones and goals of making a name as an entrepreneur.

Challenges and Hurdles on Faizan’s Way Towards Defined Success Point 

Now, we have Faizan today, all successful in his endeavors. Owning Digital Genie Marketing and entrusting skills as a digital marketer, Faizan lives larger than life. It is because he is not alone in the venture. There are many associated with him in Digital Genie Marketing.

  • Use and Availability of Internet (2 Decades Ago)

Internet in his times, that is almost two decades ago was new in Pakistan. Not many people had computers or the internet. And for him to get hang of computers was fairly new. After completing his degree program in Computer Sciences, he was somehow able to learn the basics. Faizan learned a lot in this time and conditioned his mind for the challenges he might have to experience. Well, with time, everything started falling into place. And then, he was able to use the internet at home.

  • Finding Best Human Resource to Run Digital Genie Marketing Smoothly

Another major challenge was to hire professionals who are into digital marketing. However, in the pursuit of making human resources work the way needed, Faiza had to learn a lot of things himself.

There were many other challenges that actually had to be catered to. With his love for the acquisition of a company, he foresaw results in advance. That too because the kind of expertise he had gathered till the making of his company was just beyond imagination. Do you know what made him amazing in his work? Well, yes! Other than a passion it was practicing different plans and tactics.

His second love of life – sports


Faizan’s Message for His Followers 

Digital Genie Marketing  ( is a digital marketing company providing SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Website Development and Designing, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Graphic Designing, and other areas of Digital Marketing. This is a place for all those who want to get to learn deeper levels of digital marketing. Therefore, if you are looking to learn this is the place to go.

Also, Digital Genie Marketing is a hub for those who are wanting to get their campaigns on social mediums, ranking sites on Google, a custom website development, etc. To get in touch with Faizan, simply click.

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