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Indian ‘Dhamaka On Netflix’ is a ripoff of 2013 South-Korean hit film “The Terror Live”

Indian ‘Dhamaka On Netflix’ is a ripoff of the 2013 South-Korean hot film “The Terror Live”!

Yeah for those who didn’t know we thought it would be great to give the credit to the creators of the original film that inspired Bollywood filmmakers to remake it after good eight years.

Whatever you call it an adaptation, remake, or inspired version, the original idea is only created once hence the copy always loses its worth.

What my philosophy teacher used to say the original is the idea is what the brain conceives, even writing it down is not the original thing.

And here film Dhamaka is loosely based on the Original Korean film ‘The Terror Live’,  about a news anchor engaged in a live conversation with a terrorist threatening to blow up a city bridge.

Kartik Aaryan plays an ambitious journalist Arjun Pathak who wants success by any means and there’s nothing wrong with that!

The original The Terror Live dexterously combines elements from the vigilante thriller, the terrorism drama, and reality television shows.

The bomber is the live caller who seeks reparation for his own grievance as well want also wants justice for others like him – the labouring class routinely ignored by the power elite. He demands an apology from the South Korean president in exchange for surrender by making a call into a live news show.

Bhayia Kartik ko original actor dikaha diay hotay, (sic).

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The Bollywood film scales down the expectations obviously if you have seen the original film.

And our review for Ram Madhvani’s ‘Dhamaka’ 104-minutes film in a single sentence: ‘Some bombs go off but the big one doesn’t.’

The film premiered on Netflix on Nov. 19.

Check out trailers of both the original and Dhamaka:


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