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Bigg Boss 11 famed contestant actress Mehjabi Siddiqui quits showbiz

Siddiqui shared a hijab-clad photo on her Instagram

Mehjabi Siddiqui quits showbiz!Now I have decided that I will always be in Hijab Inshallah, Mehjabi | OyeYeah News

Bigg Boss 11 famed contestant Mehjabi Siddiqui quits showbiz!

Jabeen Siddiqui, the contestant of the Indian reality show Bigg Boss 11, took to social media to announce her decision.

According to her, she has said goodbye to the world of showbiz after being inspired by former Bollywood actress Sana Khan.

Prior to announcing her decision, Siddiqui shared a hijab-clad photo on her Instagram hinting at the change has finally arrived for her.

Actress took to her Instagram account writing a brief note in a bid to explain her decision.

“I am writing this because I was very upset for 2 years. I had no understanding as to what to do to feel good. When a person commits a sin, then the shame of sin ends in a short time, but the bad deed remains till the doom.”
“Meine mehsoos kiya ke mein apni asal zindagi ko bhoolkar duniya ki dikhawe wali zindagi jee rahi thi (I realized that forgetting my real life, I was living the life of the world),” she said.
“Human beings can never get rest by disobeying Allah. No matter how hard to try to please people and no matter how much time you give, people will never appreciate you. It is better that you spend your time persuading Allah. This will make me and yours better,”
In her note, Mehjabi also shared how former actress Sana Khan became an inspiration for her.
“I was following Sana Khan’s sister for a year. I used to like her words very much and watching her videos awakened the hobby of listening to (religious) programs in me,” she wrote.


“The happiness that I got by repenting from Allah, I cannot describe in words. What I was looking for in happiness, I got it by praying i.e. worshipping Allah. Now I have decided that I will always be in Hijab Inshallah. May Allah forgives my sins, grant me the ability to walk on the right path,” she concluded.

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