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Shahid Kapoor marks 7 Years of Haider with a heartfelt post

Shahid Kapoor marks 7 Years of Haider with a heartfelt post.

Haider released in 2014 is an adaptation of Shakespearean tragedy Hamlet, directed by Vishal Bhardwaj.  The film also starred Shraddha Kapoor, Tabu, Irrfan Khan, and KK Menon in the lead roles.

Haider has been Shahid Kapoor’s second Bollywood outing with Vishal Bhardwaj with whom he formed a formidable partnership.

Their first project together was Kaminey (2009), while their third and last collaboration was Rangoon (2017).

Marking the 7 years of his iconic performance, Shaid shared a few photos from the set of the hit film on social media.

Shahid Kapoor captioned his post, saying “To be or not to be. An actor or a star. Looking outside or deep within. To find meaning or be meaningless. To dare or to submit. To hold on or to let go. The many questions an actor faces at a critical juncture in his journey of choosing who he decides to be.”

“The possibilities are many. But there is only one right one. #haider you helped me find me. Ever indebted to you for that. HUM HAIN !!” he added.


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