2 Cambridge books banned over LGBTQ+ content and misrepresentation of Pakistan

The printing, publishing, distribution, and teaching of the “Sociology Course Book” and “The History and Culture of Pakistan" has been banned in educational institutions

Two Cambridge books have been banned over LGBTQ+ content and misrepresentation of Pakistan by the Federal Ministry of Education!

As reported the textbooks in question include Sociology by Jonathan Blundell of Cambridge University Press and The History and Culture of Pakistan by Nigel Kelly of Peck Publishing Limited/Danish Publishing Private Limited.

The books’ content includes material against Pakistan’s socio-cultural values and does not have NOC approval from the National Curriculum Council.

As per the authoritied some material regarding same-sex marriage has been included in the sociology book which is against the social and cultural traditions of Pakistan.

While in the second book, he said, the political history of Pakistan has been misrepresented and the map of Pakistan has also been printed incorrectly.

Federal Secretary of Education and Vocational Training, Waseem Ajmal Chaudhry, said that “These books have not received NOC from the Curriculum Wing and their content is against Pakistani social and cultural traditions due to which these books have been banned.”

According to a notification issued by the education ministry, the Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority (PEIRA) an immediate ban has been imposed on the “Sociology Course Book” of the Cambridge University Press, authored by Jonathan Blundell.

Furthermore, the book titled “The History and Culture of Pakistan” by Peck Publishing Limited/Danish Publishing Pvt Ltd, authored by Nigel Kelly, has also been banned.

PEIRA banned the books while exercising its powers under section 4(a) read with 4(g) of the ICT-PEIRA Act, 2013 after it received directions from the education ministry on April 28.

“The printing, publishing, distribution and teaching of these books will be banned and legal action will be taken against the violators under the Act, the notification read.


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