Bollywood actress Huma Qureshi turns author with her novel ‘Zeba’

Huma says that her novel is "deeply personal."

Bollywood actress Huma Qureshi has turned author with her novel ‘Zeba’!

Gangs Of Wasseypur star announced her debut novel titled ‘Zeba – An Accidental Superhero’ on Friday.

The book is set to hit the shelves in December 2023.

Taking to Instagram, Huma wrote, “Finally the cat is out of the bag !! Super excited to share the announcement of my debut novel: ‘Zeba – An Accidental Superhero’ with @harpercollinsin .. and a massive shoutout to my agency @asuitableagency … Been working on this for the past 2 years and everyone around me knows how much this means to me 🤍 Book out in Dec 2023. Comments below will be seen as a vote of interest to buy the book.”

Huma added that her novel is “deeply personal.”

“I’ve learned that accepting who you are, with all your quirks and uniqueness, is the most empowering journey one can embark on. We live in a world that needs diversity, and every individual’s story is a piece of that beautiful mosaic. Stories of fierce women are not just the need of the hour; they are the timeless tales that inspire generations, reminding us that strength and resilience know no boundaries. We need these stories to remind ourselves that we, too, can be the heroes of our own lives. This novel is deeply personal and it puts out there the rawest, most unfiltered version of me,” she said.

HarperCollins India is the publisher of Huma Qureshi’s feisty ‘Zeba’, who goes on to reaffirm that superheroes come wearing different capes…

As per the ZEBA’s synopsis:

Some stories begin as nightmares – dark and deep…

When Zeba’s story begins, she is a brat with a rebellious streak and more interested in lazing on the terrace of her plush New York apartment and inhaling deep drags of her favorite weed than in… anything else, really. But her life takes an unexpected turn when she travels to a distant land for a cousin’s wedding and discovers that she is, in fact, blessed with superpowers… And we all know how that goes – with great power comes massive responsibility, and it falls on Zeba (against her best instincts) to save the world she loves from the clutches of a cruel tyrant with the evilest intentions.

In the tradition of stories that hide within their imaginative and fascinating narratives immense wisdom and stark reality, Zeba by Huma Qureshi is the story of a sassy superhero, as relatable as she is unusual, a shining symbol of freedom, empowerment, and grit. Full of magic and wonder, and written with intense passion, it is a thrilling tale of heroism and transformation, and ultimately, the triumph of the human spirit in the face of adversity.


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