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4 times Adele melted our hearts

Who doesn’t know Adele? In fact, who doesn’t love Adele? She’s probably one of the sweetest and extremely successful stars in the music industry. However, there have been some moments when she totally left us go gaga over her adorableness!

When she freaked out after seeing Lana Del Rey live for the first time

Yes, you read that right. In 2016’s BRIT awards, Adele saw Lana Del Rey for the first time and completely lost her mind. And honestly, we saw the cutest expression of shock, overjoy and surprise on her face. You can definitely see how overwhelmed the nine-times Brit award winning singer felt when she saw her idol star.


She told NY Times,

Lana Del Rey — she just stabs my soul all the time and makes me just want to cry. I love how mysterious she is as well. And I love that she just puts a record out and that’s it.

Lana Del Rey definitely has a powerful, haunting and beautiful voice, however, Adele is too humble to realize that she is no less.

When she disguised as an Adele impersonator

During BBC music auditions, when participants were to impersonate Adele and sing one of her songs called ‘Make you feel my love’, Adele joined the show and disguised as an impersonator.

She said that in order to be in the fake character, she has to keep her composure since she always talks very excitedly. The way the Hello singer she roasts herself in the beginning of the act is just too cute to handle!

When she seemed almost like a professional stand-up comedian

Many celebrities joke around. Whether it is an interview or social media, they can always come up with something interesting yet funny to say and to talk about. Nevertheless, Adele can do it anytime, anywhere. Here’s a clip from her 2017 tour in Australia and New Zealand.

When she explained how she froze during Grammy’s audio fail

During the performance of All I Ask at the Grammy Awards in 2016, Adele was left still after the audio system malfunction took place. Well, it was not actually a malfunction but more like an ‘accident’. Here’s what she had to say about it.

Her classic British accent and her laugh is everything! You can just see how much down-to-earth she is and the innocence is pouring from her personality. Chill out, Adele! Everyone makes mistakes. We will always love you, anyway.

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