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A Pakistani tweeted about his cousin’s struggle with stuttering & Hrithik Roshan was quick to respond!

When a girl from Pakistan tweeted about her cousin’s struggles with speech impairment, it hit a nerve in Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan, who offered words of support for her cousin.

It all started with Mariam Zulfiqar’s tweet who wrote about how a professor at a university in Islamabad had discriminated against her cousin for stuttering during a class presentation. She added that her cousin has not been able to come out of his room since that incident.

She further added that her cousin is hesitant to take action, and has decided to take a break before resuming his studies.

As a reply to which Roshan slammed the professor in question and wrote: “Please tell your cousin that that professor and his judgment both are irrelevant. Stuttering should never hold him back from dreaming big! Tell him it’s not his fault and it’s not something he needs to be ashamed of. People who shame him are no better than brainless monkeys.”

The Bollywood star has been always been very vocal about living with a speech impediment himself and he strongly believes that this is not something to be ashamed of!

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