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Aamina Sheikh looks body shaming in the eye in an honest Instagram post!

In a heartfelt Instagram post, actress Aamina Sheikh actually opened up about how she had stopped giving a damn about what people said


This age we live is nothing less than a battle ground. Each and every individual is lost, fighting his or her own battle. But yes, everybody is concerned about one thing, what will the other say or as we put it, log kia kahain ge. Even when we have accomplished so much, we usually worry about the reaction of people and do you know that it always does more damage than good.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, actress Aamina Sheikh actually opened up about how she had stopped giving a damn about what people said.

“In school they used to say ‘you have a hockey field for a forehead aamina’ and I used to find that hilarious! Even now I find myself quoting that when notable designers, directors, photographers, makeup artists, colleagues would admire it…many for tv to this day suggest that I cover it as ‘its too big aamina, it makes your face look strange,’ and ‘don’t tie your hair so tightly back as it’ll further recede your hairline and you can not afford that,” shared the Cake starlet.

Continuing Aaamina added, “I totally get it and take it with my stride, even take their suggestions manyatimes BUT not for a second do I allow these voices to create any kind of complex in me. These voices have never hindered me AT ALL.”



Elaborating on the reason why she did not allow anything to affect her ever, Aamina said, “during my upbringing, my parents, my siblings, my homeground—they NEVER made any such comments. Such observations of one’s physical appearance was NEVER a topic of concern in the home while growing up—it was almost always about education, about developing life skills and traits, acha khana, acha pina, acha sona, timings, discipline etc. the only concerns in the household were matters that would later help us steer our lives successfully in a balanced and healthy way. That’s it.”

“Home really is the breeding ground of one’s sense of self. Please be mindful, create that nest, that safe space and respectfully raise your children to be able to take the shame out of body shaming ! It begins with YOU,” writes Aamina further, stating how important it is for children to be taught to be confident about their bodies since small ages.

What is essential for children is them to be taught to be confident about their self. Body shaming begins when we instill insecurities in our own children. Remember a child’s mind is a like clean slate, it absorbs everything it sees and is taught. We need to be vigilant when it comes to our children, especially our girls. They need to be taught to stand up for themselves, to be confident, to look adversary in the eye, to not give a damn to what this society thinks and do what they please. Begin this change in your home today, be a strong role model for your children yourself and see them bloom.


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