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Abhay Deol Opens Up on Being Demoted After Zindagi Na Miley Gi Dubara

Bollywood actor Abhay Deol recently took to Instagram to both hail his biggest career hit Zindagi Na Miley Gi Dubara and at the same time open up about some bitter experiences after the film’s success.

“Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara released in 2011. Need to chant this title to myself every day nowadays! Also, a great watch when anxious or stressed,” wrote Abhay on Instagram.

“I would like to mention that almost all the award functions demoted me and Farhan from main leads, and nominated us as ‘supporting actors’. Hrithik and Katrina were nominated as ‘actors in a leading role’,” he went on to say.

“So by the industry’s own logic, this was a film about a man and a woman falling in love, with the man supported by his friends for whatever decisions he takes,” he wrote.

Seeing the award shows’ “shamelessly overt lobbying” against him and Farhan, the actor said that he chose to boycott the awards altogether that year, but Farhan didn’t have a problem.

“There are many covert and overt ways in which people in the industry lobby against you. In this case, it was shamelessly overt. I of course boycotted the awards but Farhan was ok with it,” said the Dev-D actor.



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