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Actress Zeba Shehnaz shares heart wrenching tale of nephew’s murder

In a sad turn of events veteran actress Zeba Shehnaz’s nephew, Mohammed Shah Subhani was found dead in London. The boy, 27 years of age, had been missing since May and now, as per the initial reports was found dead after he was murdered.

According to the reports, Mohammed Shah Subhani’s car was found six weeks after his disappearance with bullet holes and false number plates. Subhani went missing three months after his wedding and is now survived by a month old daughter.

In a video, Zeba Shehnaz shared that she had been traveling back and forth between London and Pakistan ever since her nephew’s kidnapping. Sharing heartfelt details about how kind and loving her nephew had been, Zeba added that Subhani had never been involved in any activities that could have landed him in trouble.

However, the UK Metropolitan Police believes otherwise. The police in the UK had previously liked Subhani with criminal activity, suspecting him of dealing cannabis after losing his job at the courier. According to The Police Subhani’s disappearance could have been a result of his involvement in criminal activities.

Zeba, in her video, talks about how her nephew had lent money to a few people who refused to pay up and how Subhani had gone missing when he had been called to collect the amount as a pretext.



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