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Agha Ali Made His Wife Promise to Never Get Fat, and Hina Altaf Finds it Cute

Nope Hina there's nothing cute or romantic about it . . .

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In the latest of celebrities saying cringey stuff on Nida Yasir’s show Good Morning Pakistan, newlyweds Agha Ali and Hina Altaf have made us all scratch our heads at their definition of cute romance. In a viral clip from Eid show, Agha and Hina are seen sharing their story of how they met and initially despised each other, only to later fall in love and get married.

The conversation is all good and lovey-dovey till the point Agha shares a ‘promise’ he took from Hina before they get married.

“At the time of our wedding, I only took one promise from Hina, tell what it is,” the Bund Khirkiyan actor says looking at his giggly wife.

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“Please moti mat hona (Don’t gain weight),” Hina responds with a laugh and somewhat hinting that she finds this promise ‘cute’.

And if that promise does not fall in the category of emotional abuse or control issues, the next statement of Hina further confused the audience.

“Whenever I am eating and he walks by, he would say bus ek hi wada lia tha (I only took one promise),” precisely defining Agha’s over the top control over Hina’s basic choices and habits.

Now unfortunately both Agha, Hina, and their host Nida found the whole conversation amusing and some sort of romantic exchange when Agha mentioned Hina took a similar promise from him just for the sake of it.

But in reality, the whole point of promise seemed to be nothing short of a toxic control over your partner’s body and normalizing fat shaming. Luckily, netizens saw through it too and called out the couple for their ill-informed opinions.

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