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Time will tell says Ahad Raza Mir regarding his relationship with Sajal Aly

When Sajal Aly was questioned about her relationship with co-star Ahad Raza Mir at the Hum Awards, she said he’s very special to her. That was enough for the fans to start celebrating and planning the wedding and the names of their children too.

They won Best On-screen couple for Yakeen Ka Safar and all the attention that followed the event. The congratulatory posts from both their families further convinced the fans that the rumours are true. In fact, Ahad’s statement in a recent interview with BBC’s Haroon Rashid gave them further hope.

When Ahad was asked the same question that Sajal was asked, he neither admitted to nor denied the probability of an affair.

He said that time will tell when Haroon asked him about his rumoured relationship.

Watch the video below:

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