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Iman Aly, Rahma Ali disturbed and disgusted by fake news of her father, Abid Ali’s death

The veteran actor is very much alive, yet, hospitalized

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Last night, news of veteran actor Abid Ali’s death went viral. Media houses were quick to follow each other in the race of topping trends and published the news of the senior actor’s death without any confirmation.

However, the news, as fake, as it turned out to be angered Abid Ali’s family a lot. Both of Abid Ali’s daughters, Rahma and Iman took to their social media to rubbish the rumors and set scores straight with the media.

Iman Aly too took to social media to state how media houses had disturbed and disgusted her after the went for the news without any verification.

Thanking everybody for praying for her father’s recovery, Iman Aly stated, “The social media magnates whose drive is to post unverified news of such grave matter is utterly disgusting and disturbing. Our family has been through turmoil all in the name of breaking news.”

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Requesting media houses to show some responsibility and respect, Iman added that the written words were very strong and should be treated with respect.

We all wish sir Abid Ali a speedy recovery. May he soon return back to his health and vitality like before.

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