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Akon sends a shout out to Prime Minister Imran Khan

Akon is excited to come to Pakistan. Are you excited too?


Following the arrival of Ricardo Kaka and Luis Figo in Pakistan to lead the World Soccer Stars Event, we have the renowned international singer Akon, who will be coming to Pakistan to stage concerts at the same event. The World Soccer Stars Event is scheduled for April 26th to 29th and Akon will be staging concerts in Karachi and Lahore where the soccer matches are scheduled to be held.

And now, Akon has given a shout out to Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, inviting him to the concert as well. In a video message, Akon calls out to IK stating, ““Yo, Imran Khan, It’s ya boy Akon, I’m looking forward to coming to Pakistan, are you ready for me.”

IK is yet to acknowledge the message, but lets see if the World Soccer Star Events will lure Imran Khan to the venue or not.

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