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Ali Gul Pir requests Atif Aslam to produce original music

The trend of remixing old tracks seems to be the latest cool, however, experts like Lata Mangeshkar are not entertained. Recently after Atif Aslam sang a rendition of her classic ‘Chalte Chalte’, Lata stated that she isn’t even interested in listening to the remake.

Pakistani comedian and singer, Ali Gul Pir also shared similar views regarding remixes and remakes. In fact, he stressed on the importance of producing original content.

“Remix songs have spoilt our generation of musicians. Make a remix of a hit song and try to get famous or sustain your career,” he wrote on Facebook.

He also wrote that artists like Atif Aslam are capable of being original and excelling.

“Imagine if big wigs like Atif are doing this to stay relevant then what hope does an upcoming original act have. At least our established artists should only produce original music. Covers can never encourage innovation,” he reasoned encouraging Pakistani musicians to make original content.

Do you agree?

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