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Fashion designer Ali Xeeshan blessed with a baby girl

Fashion designer Ali Xeeshan has been blessed with a baby girl!

“Today I mark myself as the luckiest man because I am blessed with a baby girl,” shared Ali Xeeshan in an Instagram post with pink background.

“Giggles, curls, ribbons, and bows! 🎀 Our adorable baby girl is here making us the happiest.,” he captioned his post.

While sharing a new family photo, Ali Xeeshan in his next post added, “We have welcomed our daughter Sushana in our home and hearts. She’s as gorgeous as her mama. P.S. Jansher is [a] little upset sharing his limelight.”

Ali Xeeshan tied the knot with journalist Myrah Khan in a beautiful reception in Islamabad in 2019.

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