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Ali Zafar Has An Answer To Allegations Put Forward By Meesha Shafi

Today has been quite disturbing when it comes to the events that have unfolded since morning. Earlier, acclaimed singer Meesha Shafi openly accused colleague, singer/actor Ali Zafar of sexual harassment on social media, following the #MeToo campaign. Shafi, claimed she was harassed by Zafar as a mother of two children, not as a naivete as well.

Meesha Shafi Opens Up On Being Sexually Harassed By Ali Zafar!

Zafar, was not available for any comments to the media, however, taking to his social media, Ali Zafar has categorically denied all claims made by Meesha Shafi.


Stating how he is a father to a son and a daughter, a husband to his wife and a son to his mother, Zafar puts forward that he will seek proper channels of the law to address the issue.

Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi have shared good camraderie over the years in the industry. To make a claim of such extent, does not fall good on the reputation Meesha holds within the industry. Likewise, for Ali Zafar, who has never been scandalized throughout his career, the accusation is hard to believe. However, if Zafar, as he states, seeks proper channels of law, we shall soon find out the truth of the entire scenario. And as stated, the truth shall prevail.

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