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Ali Zafar Brings Attention to Coronavirus in an Unusual Way

The singer has released quite a catchy song to get masses' attention

Ali ZafarAli has released a song on social media to bring the masses' attention towards the virus - OyeYeah News

Coronavirus is indeed a serious problem of our times and the virus which has now affected over 100 people in Pakistan remains to be a scary reality. However, Ali Zafar who has recently associated himself with #bhaihazirhai hashtag of society has come up with quite a catchy way to spread awareness on the ongoing situation and do’s and don’ts of Coronavirus.

Titled ‘Ko-Ko Corona’ an adaptation of the classic Koko Korina, Ali has released a song on social media to bring the masses’ attention towards the virus that can be prevented by minimizing physical contact with people and adapting a rigorous hygiene routine.

Asking people to stay cautious and not shake hands, Ali’s Ko-Ko Corona talks about the virus that has gripped and scared the whole world. In the lyrics, the Channo singer asks people to wash hands again and again, and in case of feeling unwell immediately see a doctor.

Although the song is being both loved and hated on social media – with some calling it an attention-seeking stunt – it is getting viral for all sorts of reasons.

And for times like these, out-of-the-box methods might exactly be just what we need to raise awareness. What do you think?



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