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Ali Zafar has a request for Naya Pakistan and New India

India is rejoicing a historic day today following Indian Supreme Court’s verdict to make homosexuality legal. Following this judgment, many Bollywood celebrities took to Twitter and expressed their joy on the matter concerning the LGBTQ community.

Karan Johar especially recorded a heartfelt message for a radio station that made its way to Twitter.

“Today’s judgment is historic. It’s emotional, it’s motivating and it’s exceptionally progressive. I feel today is the beginning of a new beginning, a new India where love is love, no matter what. It gives you the feeling of humanity, expression of all strong and progressive things. I am so excited and so proud to be a citizen of a great country today,” he shared.

In response to Karan’s message, Ali Zafar said that he’s hoping that ‘Naya Pakistan’ and ‘New India’ will work towards improving their relations given the recent progressive steps that have been taken on both sides of the border.

“New India. Naya Pakistan. Time to renew our vows,” the rockstar tweeted. However, the tweet was soon removed and we wonder why…



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