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Ali Zafar Out and About On TV Against Meesha Shafi!

From what it seems like, Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar’s fiasco has once again gotten hyped up and after dragging the matter on social media, the heads have turned toward TV. After a tug of war that continued over a year, it now looks like Ali is the first one to come out on television and state his stance loud and clear – for the audiences to pick sides.

In an interview with Geo News last night, the nation saw a sobbing Ali who claimed of his innocence and extended peace offer to Meesha, against whom he has filed a defamation suit of Rs1 billion. The very next thing the masses saw in the morning was Ali on ARY News in the morning, with his wife, to further substantiate his innocence on television.


“I have stayed silent for a year on the topic, whenever an allegation like this is placed on any man or woman, it completely destroys them,” said the Channo famed singer last night.

Today in the morning, he once again asked the host, “How would you feel if someone maligned your character the way they did mine?”

Ali also added that his manager had received a message a while before Teefa in Trouble’s release which said that Ali’s career and reputation will be doomed before the film sees the light of the day. He said that the whole harassment claim against has been a part of a plan and meticulously worked to damage his career and many fake accounts are active for the purpose.

Supporting her husband, Ali’s wife Ayesha Fazli also took to Twitter recently and posted a tweet under the viral hashtag #facethecourtMeeshaShafi.

Further elaborating on her stance Ayesha said in the morning that she had to make her 9 years old son sit down and explain to him what the whole fiasco was about and keep himself strong.

Ayesha also added that Meesha and she have been friends since school; she could have come to her if there was a misdemeanor on Ali’s part. “This whole going on Twitter and creating havoc didn’t make any sense,” said Ayesha.

Ayesha and Ali also spoke of the jamming session where Meesha has dated back the incident too. Ali said he has already shared the clip of session on social media, and the ‘thank you’ message he received from Meesha that night is also shown on television.


Ali claimed that Meesha wants to jump on the international #Metoo bandwagon, and have ulterior motives behind making the harassment claims.

“I still repeat that make connection with God and find the right path. Apologize to me and my family, and I am willing to let it go,” said the Ali as he concluded.


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