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Ali Zafar receives “Pride of Pakistan Award” in Los Angeles!

Ali Zafar was presented with the ‘Pride of Pakistan Award’ during the actor’s recent international promotional tours for the block buster “Teefa in Trouble”. The award was presented on the occasion on annual Independence Day Celebration event held by the Pakistani community titled “United For Pakistan Independence Day”. On the occasion Ali Zafar also sang the national anthem to a crowd of over 20,000 people.

United For Pakistan Independence Day, has been formed to organize the independence day of Pakistan in Los Angeles. In 2006, several organizations joined hands together to celebrate and organize an event where all Pakistani get together and celebrate the journey of our National heroes who gave their lives and times to achieve the dream of every Muslim to have their own country.

Since 2006, UFPID has organized many yearly events to celebrate the Independence Day of Pakistan.Thousands of Pakistani Americans come together to celebrate this event

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