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Ali Zafar would love to do a film with Saba Qamar

The singer cum actor expressed his wish to work with Saba, recently on a video chat with her


With all the time on their hands due to the coronavirus lockdown, our celebrities have been finding ways to keep their fans entertained throughout.

While some have been cooking and posting vidoes, others have been holding online concerts on their social media. Some of our favorite celebs have also been going online together and indulging in fun discussions to entertain their fans.

Recently actress Saba Qamar went live with singer cum actor Ali Zafar and together the two talked about a lot of things.

Ali also sang the unplugged version of famous Bollywood song Gulabi Ankhain and Saba couldn’t hold back her praises stating that it was almost impossible to find Ali Zafar that way and that had it not been for coronavirus lockdown, even she wouldn’t have had the time to sit and listen to Ali like that.

During the chat Ali also praised Saba stating that she was one of the most powerful actresses in Pakistan and that he wished to do a film with her.

“Let’s do a film together,” Ali said to Saba to which she immediately responded in approval. “I would love to, I would love to share the screen with you,” Saba said.

Ali and Saba both enjoy a very big fan base both in Pakistan and across the border as well, having made a mark in India as well. The two are powerhouse performers and if they happen to appear in a film together, it would indeed be nothing short of a blockbuster.

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