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Feroze Khan accused of domestic violence, Aliza Sultan submits evidence in court

The court adjourned the hearing of the case till November 1, 2022.

Feroze Khan has been accused of domestic violence by his now former wife.

Aliza Sultan submitted the evidence of domestic violence against her former husband and actor Feroze Khan in court in the ongoing domestic violence case.

The evidence was submitted to the District and Sessions Courts Karachi East.

 Aliza Sultan stated that over the last four years, Feroze Khan subjected her to physical violence several times while also torturing the couple’s son.

The evidence included photos and medical reports, indicating that she was allegedly subjected to torture on July 7, 2020, which left her with bruises all over her arm.

Aliza was once again allegedly beaten up by her ex-husband on May 10, 2021, as well, as per the submitted photo evidence.

Reports of her medico-legal examination at the Postgraduate Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) were

The medical report indicated, as a result of torture, bruises were found on the victim’s arms and waist.

According to Aliza’s lawyer, Advocate Barrister Qaim Shah, “Feroze Khan had tortured Aliza on November 15, 2020, as well.” Per Aliza’s statement, during the fight with her ex-husband, her son Sultan was also allegedly injured.

Her lawyer further added that when his client went to the police station to lodge a complaint, “Feroze and his family threatened Aliza Shah.”

Barrister Shah also told the court that Aliza was “often subjected to physical abuse on multiple occasions, but she chose to remain silent because of her children.”

The hearing of the case has been adjourned till Nov 1.

The evicences submitted in the court were some how shared by actress Maryam Nafees in a social media post that triggered reactions from nitezens including several celebrities.




The court also allowed Feroze Khan to meet his kids twice a week but on certain conditions of submitting his passport to the court.

The popular actor had approached the court following his divorce from Syeda Aliza Sultan after four years of marriage seeking his children’ cusdody.

As reported, during the case hearing, Alizay revealed before the court that Feroze used to hit her a lot and even put a gun on her head once to traumatize her.

Aliza Sultan also requested that Feroze Khan hould pay one lac per month, for each child. Since her son studies in an expensive private school and her daughter is a newborn, so just her milk and diaper expenditure is unaffordable for her as she is not a working mother.

However, Feroze refused to pay the asked amount, and stating that he can only provide with twenty thousand for both children, instead of 2 lacs.

On September 21, Aliza Sultan confirmed about her divorce by sharing a detailed account on social media accusing Feroze Khan of abuse and infidelity.

Aliza Sultan Khan wrote, “Our marriage of four years was utter chaos. In addition to continuous physical and psychological violence during this period, I had to endure infidelity, blackmailing, and degradation at my husband’s hands. After careful consideration, I have reached the sad conclusion that I cannot spend my whole life in this horrific manner. The welfare and well-being of my children have played a significant role in this decision. I do not want them to grow up in a toxic, unhealthy, and violent household. I’m afraid that their mental development and approach to life would be negatively impacted by exposure to such a hostile environment. No kid should ever have to grow up feeling violence to be a normal part of relationships. I would rather teach them that no wounds are too deep to be healed, no scars too shameful to be concealed at the cost of one’s safety.”

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